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A C Nutland & Son Contractors Applying Ecosyl to 1st Cut Silage May 2009
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Forage Additives / Silage Additives
Here at Dairy Consultancy Services we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with products that have been proven to add value through extensive research and trials as well as on our customers farms.
We believe that using a well proven silage additive is an essential part of ensuring that forages are preserved with maximum efficiency, resulting in a well fermented palatable silage that will feed out well without waste or heating and provide improved milk from forage for dairy cows or increased daily liveweight gain for beef farmers.
To achieve these aims we supply our customers throughout the uk with a proven range of forage additives to suit all forage types which we source from either Ecosyl Products or Alltech.
We are also able to supply a range of silage additive applicators to suit all forage harvesters and balers for either liquid or granular application.
For further information on applicator or additive product selection or prices please contact us. We can deliver uk wide normally within 48 hrs (next day delivery can be arranged if required)
Ecosyl Products
Ecosyl Products Limited has over 20 years experience in research and commercial manufacture of silage inoculant bacteria. Continuous research in fermentation, preservation and product formulation has resulted in significant product improvements over this period, particularly in the three key areas of stability (shelf life and tank-mix life), ease-of-use and proven efficacy. Ecosyl Products Limited sets the highest standards in all three areas: Ecosyl now has an exceptional 3 year shelf life at room temperature; bigger pack sizes and lower application rates for easier use and milk production benefits from MTD⁄1 are supported by more independent data than any other inoculant.
Ecosyl's DoubleAction technology now adds control of aerobic spoilage to the established benefits of improved fermentation and animal performance. The range of hybrid acid⁄inoculant additives provides the ideal tools for maximising intake and production from higher DM silage.
MTD⁄1 is the unique high performance bacterial strain found only in Ecosyl's silage additives. A highly efficient producer of lactic acid, it acts over a wider range of pH and temperature than most other strains of Lactobacillus plantarum. It is also very osmo-tolerant so works well in both high and low DM situations. These strain-specific characteristics make it active throughout the fermentation process so additional 'helper' strains are not required. MTD⁄1 is recognised by silage experts worldwide to have more supporting trial data behind it than any other inoculant.
Many dairy farmers today aim for higher DM silage to increase intake and produce more milk from forage, but such silages are more prone to aerobic spoilage. Independent trials have shown that chemicals give more reliable control of aerobic spoilage yet they do not give the same animal production benefits as inoculants. DoubleAction technology delivers an acid and inoculant all in one pack – true hybrid products with good bacterial stability that give robust chemical inhibition of aerobic spoilage and the performance benefits of MTD⁄1.
Ecosyl Product Selector
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