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Forage Seeds 
Latest News
Grass seed prices are set to rise sharply in the UK with some grass leys increasing by as much as £10 an acre, many of our competitors have already passed on these increases, however we still have a reasonable quantity of grass seed available at pre increase prices on a first come first served basis. So give us a call or email for a free catalogue and prices now. click
Dairy Consultancy Services are please to supply a comprehensive range of forage seeds as a distributor for Horizon Finney Lock and British Seed Houses.
Horizon Finney Lock is a long established business, supplying an extensive range of arable, forage, amenity and environmental seed to farmers and growers, both conventional and organic, throughout Great Britain. As a specialist seed company their reputation is built on a foundation of quality and efficient service. 
Grass Leys
Triumph Leys are an important part of the product range and have rightly earned an enviable reputation for their ability to produce superb swards of productive grass.
They have such confidence in the range that, unlike many competitors, they openly declare the varieties and ratios used.
Seed quality is above HVS standard and the varieties included are carefully chosen using independent data from HVG and SAC, whose work is part funded from levy contributions, AFBINI and other testing and research authorities.
New Varieties
Each year the latest new varieties are added to the mixtures ensuring they stay ahead of the pack.  The new tetraploid Italian, Salome, and two new  Intermediate perennials, the dense  tetraploid  Niagara and the IBERS high sugar diploid AberMagic. Full details are given in the varieties section of our seed guide (click and request a copy) .
These new introductions complement and strengthen the range ofTriumph Leys. AberMagic is also added to the Triumph 100% High Sugar Ley range.    
Fodder Crops
More home grown feed, with it’s cost saving and fully traceable advantages, plays an ever increasing role in UK agriculture and our range of Fodder Crops offer a multitude of options.  This year we are offering Gruner Angeliter Kale a tall very winter hardy type with high leaf to stem ratio suited to cattle grazing and an excellent prospect for the game cover situation.
Maize Seed Options (for more info click)
For 2009 we have a particularly strong Forage Maizeportfolio. Agreement and Apostrof are very high yielding, farmer proven, leading varieties in the maturity class 6/7 and they are joined by the exciting new addition Dominator with it’s massive yields and early cob ripeness. Last years new additions to our early range Duly and Potter both performed well and gave very high yields  in an extremely difficult season. These are just some varieties from an outstanding varied group.  
Arable Crops
We can also source a range of cereal seed which can be used for whole crop cereals or arable silage mixtures. (Click for details) 
Environmental Seeds
ELS Scheme mixtures, game cover, trees, hedges and wild flowers are covered in our updated  booklets Game Cover and  Environmental Seed Guide.
Please contact us for a free copy of our seeds catalogues click
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