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Minerals & Farm Packs
Dairy Consultancy Services provide a comprehensive range of minerals and farm packs which clients can choose from. Alternatively clients can have a custom mineral formulated to match their specific farm forages and feeds. A full forage mineral analysis and dietcheck service is available.
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New Maxcare Range
Minerals and Farm Packs
Dairy Consultancy Services can now offer their clients the new Frank Wright Trouw Nutrition International Maxcare brand of minerals and farm packs. The new range will come into effect from the 1st July, 2009.
Technically formulated in line with current research, the ranges have a product to satisfy almost every requirement.
THE NEW MAXCARE RANGE INCLUDES: Optimin® chelated minerals
Optimin® trace minerals are more consistently available to the animal than inorganic sources. They improve trace mineral status, and preserve and promote optimal animal performance.
The availability of the traditional inorganic mineral sources is inconsistent and less efficiently regulated. This may lead to a suboptimal mineral balance and impaired cow performance.
Optimin® supplements act directly on the causes of early culling: reproduction, tissue integrity and overall health status. Improved longevity decreases substantially the fixed costs of milk production: in fact, lifetime performance is today considered to be the key to profitable dairy farming.
The Optimin® chelated minerals leaflet (available on request) states: “Optimin® trace minerals have a greater probability than any other chelate in the market to arrive intact at the absorption site, thus ensuring its effectiveness”
Synthetic vitamin E, is the form most commonly incorporated into animal feeds. It is a mixture of 8 structurally different stereo-isomers all present in equal amounts.
Because of the specific nature of receptors in the body the natural source of vitamin E, is the most bioavailable. Purely natural vitamin E sources are a significantly more available source than synthetic vitamin E sources, approximately twice as available.
With the well documented effects of vitamin E on udder health, fertility and general immunity, the inclusion of natural vitamin E should help to improve overall productivity and, therefore, profitability
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