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Weekly straights price guide 22/8/2011
(UK 29t artic tipped delivered within 50 miles of store)
Prices are those quoted this week for spot and forward positions.
Prices quoted 12 months ago for spot trade are shown as a comparison
(click on the table to enlarge) along with price movements in the last month.
Market Overview
Typically variable uk summer weather is back with us with temperatures ranging from the the low teens to the high 20's within days. However with frequent rain showers in some areas grass growth has been pretty consistent leading to good grazing conditions.
There is a good opportunity to take a third cut silage on many farms and it is advisable to use an additive such as Ecosyl 100 on sappy crops or Double Action Ecosyl on drier crops to ensure a good fermentation. If considering baling and perhaps selling the bales on then Double Action Ecobalewill ensure top quality bales with no mould.
The last few days have allowed the wheat harvest to progress well with approx 50% of UK wheat now in the barn, although heavy rain forecast for tomorrow will dampen things down again for a few days.
Maize crops in the south west are generally looking good with our high yielding varietiesDominator, Ballade and Dualto looking exceptional. However the range in maturity dates could well be widened this year due to a wide gap in drilling dates. For maize harvesting guidelines click here
The wheat markets have been fairly steady over the last week, but further gloom from the USDA over corn stocks may firm things slightly, with the Liffe Wheat price for January 2012 ending the day at approx £168 per tonne.
Crude oil prices slipping on the back of the Libyan situation however may apply downward pressure to the markets as the demand for ethanol eases.
  • Wheat quality concerns for Germany while French harvest nears completion
  • Grain markets see increases, fuelled partly by US spring wheat concerns
  • Global economic fears remain a background issue, but present a risk
  • Record Russian exports in July help to narrow the discount against EU wheat
  • Over the last week straights have seen relatively little movement.
    Soya has fallen slightly since our last week  by around £3 per tonne.
    Rapemeal has fallen by a further £4 per tonne .
    energies. Wheat prices have firmed slightly for the winter to £168 although prices have been up and down over the last couple of weeks and volatility seems set to continue.
    Moist Feeds Demand for moist feeds is still high. We still have very limited availability for the wessex moist blend range and  brewers grains and good availability for the buckby range of moist blends.
    If you are looking for minerals to balance either straights or blends then please contact us for a competitive quote. You can choose from our standard range or we can formulate a special to your specifications.
    We can also provide a comprehensive forage mineral analysis service and ration balance program to match a custom mineral to your specific diet to ensure your cows mineral requirements are met accurately.
    Feed Options
    Where storage for straights is limited it makes sense to look at a balanced blend which provides the possibility of using a wider range of ingredients as well as reducing the amount of cash tied up in storing large volumes of straights on farm.. Contracting forward on blends can also remove some of the risk associated with buying straights in a volatile market.
    With UK produced sugar beet pulp unavailable this summer and very limited imported sugar beet pulp around, wheatfeed, soya hulls and citrus offer a useful digestible fibre alternative, either as a straight or as part of a blend or compound.
    Protein blends offer a more economic alternative to straight soya and will  include a combination of protein sources to reduce cost and provide a steady supply of protein to the rumen.
    With cows now out to grass its a good time to review options for buffer feeding and we can offer a full range of compounds, blends, moist feeds, moist blends and straights to balance high protein grazed grass and buffer forages such as maize or grass silage.
    Moist feeds  are suitable for both dairy and beef systems and offer a significant price advantage over traditional compounds.
    We are now actively contracting moist feeds, compounds and blends for our clients for the summer and next winter as recent movements in some raw materials present an opportunity to take some cover.
    For a free no obligation ration review and quote please contact us  click
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