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With increasingly volatile milk and feed prices now is the perfect time to undertake a review of your dairy herd performance and feeding regime to identify opportunities for improved profitability.

With many years experience of working with UK dairy herds to help meet their performance objectives, we are dedicated to helping our customers optimise profitbility through improved performance & efficiency.

Along with providing independent nutritional advice and a comprehensive range of technical services, we also source and supply feed and forage products from a wide range of both local and national manufacturers and pass on savings to our clients throughout the UK.

DCS Sourcing is a rapidly growing part of our business and provides great savings on inputs to a growing number of UK livestock farmers including many of our 11.5 thousand followers on Twitter. This opportunity is available to farmers across the UK.  If you'd like to know how you could benefit from these fantastic savings on a range of inputs then please contact us asap.

To contact us for further info please complete our contact form, or email, text, WhatsApp or call.

You can also find us on X (Twitter) & Instagram @dairyconsultant, Facebook - Dairy Consultancy Services 

Neil Moorhen

Dairy Consultancy Services / DCS Nutrition & Sourcing

Call 07795 373433  email :

Normal Hours:    Mon - Fri: 8AM - 7PM Sat / Sun 10AM - 7PM

         Crimped Maize harvesting on one of our clients farms - contact us for pricing and delivery info.

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