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High Quality Fixed Formula Blends


Only the highest quality raw materials are used in our blends, with fixed formulations and our open declaration policy giving you consistency and peace of mind. 

Typical ingredients could include any of the following; Rolled Wheat, Rolled Maize, Sugar Beet Pulp, Maize Gluten, HiPro Soya, Rape Meal, Distillers Grains, Palm Kernel, Wheetfeed, Soya Hulls, SoyPass, Megalac, Molasses etc.

Blends are produced at local blending sites using state of the art weighers and mixers to ensure accuracy of mixing and consistency of finished products.

We can provide blends for both conventional and organic feeding systems.


Load sizes from 6 tonnes to 29 tonnes can be catered for either tipped or blown, reducing the need for large amounts of individual straights to be stored on farm and easing cash flow and mixing time.

Choose from our standard product range or send us your current blend details for a very competitive quote.

If you would prefer we can arrange a farm visit where we can discuss your current feeding system and performance. Forage samples can be taken and a custom blend designed to help reduce your current feed costs or increase output & milk quality as required to achieve your objectives.


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