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Latest Feed Market Update 12/08/11
maize trials
wheat prices heading south?
Feed market update 7th June
Feed Market Update 25th May 2011


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Latest Feed Market Update 12/08/11

Cereal and straight feed future prices have eased slightly from recent highs in the last month bring some hope of lower feed costs this winter for livestock farmers.
However despite some significant falls on wheat other raw materials have yet to follow suit with more modest falls to date.
Overall the impact of these price falls is likely to equate to no more than £10 per tonne on a typical 18% protein compound or blend compared to recent highs.
With the USDA report today reducing crop estimates on corn and wheat there is potential for these prices to bounce back sharply, but much will depend on world demand in these times of austerity.

maize trials

Off to look at our maize trial sites on clients farms across wales today.
Good reports coming back on early planted crops which are well ahead of normal in terms of growth.
Later crops have been held back by the dry spring and cold june but growing fast now, all need plenty of heat now!

wheat prices heading south?

At last a glimmer of hope on feed prices as uk wheat prices continue to head south.
Following recent rains and Russia lifting their export ban on wheat the last few days have seen sustained falls in prices for July onwards with todays LIFFE July price the lowest since November 2010 @  £175/ tonne.
We will be keeping a close eye on other straights to see if they follow suit.
Will this be a sustained drop, or just another blip on the commodities rollercoaster?

Feed market update 7th June

As second cut silage making begins and in some areas first cut continues, thoughts turn to next winters forage stock situation.
If forage stocks are likely to be tight it is well worth considering moist feeds such as brewers grains, or moist blends such as wessex gold or buckby best as a buffer feed now to conserve forage stocks for the coming winter when moist feed prices traditionally rise.

Feed Market Update 25th May 2011

TheUK feed marketcontinues to firm on the back of more worries over long term drought conditions in the south of the UK  and across europe.
Wheat has been a roller coaster once again over the last week with the spot price rising and falling whilst the forward position has risen to meet current levels.
Energy straights have firmed following the moth balling of the ensus plant leading to a reduction in output of distillers products. This has had a knock on effect to other mid energy / protein feeds such as maize gluten and wheatfeed etc.

UK heatwave and drought may lead to forage shortages

The UK looks set for a prolonged dry spell with the mercury rising for a two week long heatwave predicted to start this saturday, making May the hottest recorded for 350 years.With the continuing lack of any significant rain apart from the few showers we have had in the last week we face the very real prospect of a severe drought across the country.
Average temperature in England so far this month was 13C (55F) – five degrees warmer than average and ranking it in the top 6% of hottest Mays since records began in 1659.

Silage making in full swing

Another sunny day in South Wales today visiting dairy clients and dropping off silage sheets including siloseal clear "cling film" sheets.
We had excellent results with these on client farms last year with no surface waste on maize or grass silage and many more clients are using them this season along with secure covers and gravel bags to weigh down the sheets.
Despite recent rain showers, both grass and arable crops are still in need of substantial rainfall, although it would be good if this could come after first cut has been completed.

feed market update

 Latest feed market prices updatestraights prices 11th may 2011click here
Feed market remains volatile with up and down movements on a daily basis according to weather and stock reports.
With cows grazing keep an eye on grass covers. If worried about possibility of drought this summer consider booking moist feeds now to ensure buffer feed availability throughout mid summer. We can provide a range of moist feeds and moist blendscontact usfor details of availability and pricing.

Dry April threatens drought across europe

Despite the current spell of showers new satellite maps highlight the effect of the lack of rainfall in April. http://bbc.in/kVMpeu

Feed Market Update

The last week has once again seen further volatility in the feed market with wheat prices fluctuating on a daily basis due to weather and market news.
One things for sure volatility in the feed markets is here to stay in the short to medium term and therefore care needs to be taken when deciding the best feeds to use and when to purchase them.
Prices have been driven by a combination of increased worldwide demand for both feed and bio fuels, along with speculator involvement in the "soft" commodities market, coupled with the impact of instability in the Middle East and Africa.
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