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Corn, Soybeans May Rise as Adverse Weather Threatens World Crops - Bloomberg http://bit.ly/iitPhG

Rain brings risk of increased nitrate levels

Following this weekends rain take pre cutting grass samples to check for high nitrates and low sugars.If nitrate levels are high or sugars low consider delaying cutting and use a proven additive such as ecosyl or alltechs 4x4

Rain brings staggers risk

Following this weekends rain ensure cows receive magnesium supplementation to avoid staggers risk. High yielding cows will also benefit from high dry matter high fibre buffer to prevent drop in butterfat %

Welcome to Dairy Consultancy Services New Blog

Welcome to our new Dairy Consultancy Services website blog, where we will aim to post topical tips and latest news and information. Our aim is to help our clients and visitors optimise their herd welfare, herd health, fertility and production to achieve optimum profitabilty. we hope you fine it useful and informative, all comments are welcome.
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