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Feed Market Update 25th May 2011

TheUK feed marketcontinues to firm on the back of more worries over long term drought conditions in the south of the UK  and across europe.
Wheat has been a roller coaster once again over the last week with the spot price rising and falling whilst the forward position has risen to meet current levels.
Energy straights have firmed following the moth balling of the ensus plant leading to a reduction in output of distillers products. This has had a knock on effect to other mid energy / protein feeds such as maize gluten and wheatfeed etc.

UK heatwave and drought may lead to forage shortages

The UK looks set for a prolonged dry spell with the mercury rising for a two week long heatwave predicted to start this saturday, making May the hottest recorded for 350 years.With the continuing lack of any significant rain apart from the few showers we have had in the last week we face the very real prospect of a severe drought across the country.
Average temperature in England so far this month was 13C (55F) – five degrees warmer than average and ranking it in the top 6% of hottest Mays since records began in 1659.

Silage making in full swing

Another sunny day in South Wales today visiting dairy clients and dropping off silage sheets including siloseal clear "cling film" sheets.
We had excellent results with these on client farms last year with no surface waste on maize or grass silage and many more clients are using them this season along with secure covers and gravel bags to weigh down the sheets.
Despite recent rain showers, both grass and arable crops are still in need of substantial rainfall, although it would be good if this could come after first cut has been completed.
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