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Double Action Ecostable

Available for delivery throughout the UK please contact us for price via our DCS group sourcing.

Double Action Ecostable contains MTD⁄1 and potassium sorbate to treat clamped grass and cereal⁄legume silages at higher dry matters.

  • For clamped high dry matter grass and cereal / egume bi-crops where there is a risk of aerobic spoilage
  • Applies one million live bacteria per gram forage
  • Available for liquid or dry application
  • One can or bag treats 50 tonnes
  • Cans – add 1 can to 100 litres of water and apply at 2 litres / t
  • Tank mix life 2 days at ambient temperature
  • Bags – apply at 500 grams / t
  • Unopened can / bag shelf life is 30 months in a cool dry place
  • GMO free and suitable for organic use (restricted)


Double Action Ecostable contains Lactobacillus plantarum MTD / 1 which has been shown to bring about both fermentation and animal performance benefits with high DM silages - for more information see our Research Section.

High DM silages are more prone to aerobic spoilage. Double Action Ecostable contains potassium sorbate (more information). This is a safe, non-corrosive, food and feed-approved preservative that reduces the activity of the yeasts and moulds that cause spoilage, resulting in reduced losses and higher quality, more palatable silage.

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