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Group sourcing of feed inputs provides cost savings and the opportunity to fix formulations and specifications to match your needs. All feeds are sourced from local manufacturing sites to minimise transport costs.

Fixed Formulation High Quality Compounds

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Fixed formulation open declaration compounds are formulated to match clients needs in terms of forage quality, milk yield and quality using only high quality ingredients and no cheap fillers. For a compound quote please click

Fixed Formulation High Quality Blends

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Custom made fixed formulation open declaration blends are formulated to balance our clients forages and on farm feeds along with milk yield and quality objectives. Using only high quality raw materials and no cheap fillers.

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Straights Products
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A comprehensive range of straight feeds along with specialist feed ingredients such as protected fats and proteins are sourced to balance on farm feeds and help reduce feed costs. For a straights quote please click

Custom Minerals & Buckets
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Clients forage, soil and milk samples are analysed and the results along with available on farm feeds are included in a complete diet mineral check to identify mineral and vitamin shortfalls. These along with known herd health issues are then used to produce a farm specific mineral package to help achieve optimum performance. For a personal minerals quote please click

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Forage Additives ( more info)

Maximising forage quality is key to ensuring optimum performance for both high milk from forage and high output systems and to this end we supply a range of proven forage additives to suit all forage types. These include the Ecosyl, Silall & Ice Gold range of forage additives

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Forage Seeds ( more info)

We offer a comprehensive range of forage seeds, including Grass , Maize, alternative forage crops, and a full range of environmental seeds for more info click

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