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Energy Straights (High Fibre)

Soya hulls

Energy 11.5 MJ/kg DM

Protein 12 % CP

Fibre 67 % NDF

Starch 6 %

Sugars 2 %

Origin - Imported

Alternative to SBP but with lower energy and sugar levels.

Available as a mixture of meal and pellets.

Sugar Beet Pulp (SBP)

Energy 12.5 MJ/kg DM

Protein 10 % CP

Fibre 32 % NDF

Starch 1 %

Sugars 20 %

Origin - Home Produced or Imported

A highly palatable feed with good energy from sugar and high digestible fibre.

Available as pellets or shreds.

Energy Straights (High Starch)


Energy 13.5 MJ/kg DM

Protein 11 % CP

Fibre 18 % NDF

Starch 40 %

Sugars 10 %

Origin - Poole Dorset available in South

A high starch high energy feed useful as an alternative to cereals.

Available as a good 8mm pellet.

Balanced Energy & Protein Straights

Maize Gluten Feed

Energy 13 MJ/kg DM

Protein 22 % CP

Fibre 34 % NDF

Starch 17 %

Sugars 3 %

Origin - Imported

Good source of energy and protein.

Available as a mixture of meal and pellets.

UK Wheatfeed

Energy 12 MJ/kg DM

Protein 17 % CP

Fibre 36 % NDF

Starch 25 %

Sugars 5 %

Origin - Flour mills througout UK

Good balanced source of energy from both starch and digestible fibre.

Available as both pellets and meal.

High Protein Straights

Ext Oilseed Rape Meal

Energy 12 MJ/kg DM

Protein 39 % CP

Fibre 30 % NDF

Starch 6 %

Sugars 10 %

Origin - Throughout UK

Good source of rumen degradable protein and often good value against Soya.

Available as an oily meal.

Ext Hipro Soya Bean Meal

Energy 14 MJ/kg DM

Protein 52 % CP

Fibre 17 % NDF

Starch 5 %

Sugars 10 %

Origin - Imported

Good source of quality protein including high levels of DUP with a good energy content.

Available as a coarse meal.