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Dairy Technical Services Offering

With many years experience of working with high performance dairy herds to help meet their performance objectives, Dairy Consultancy Services are well placed to work with clients to maximise performance and improve production efficiency.

Using various tools such as Interherd and Kingshay Dairy Manager costings, along with a review of cow housing, forage management and cow health and nutrition, the first step is to establish a clients current performance level which can be benchmarked against similar herds.

Agreed targets for areas of improvement are discussed with the client and an agreed action plan and tailored consultancy package can then be designed to meet the clients objectives.

Improvements could include increased milk yield, improved forage efficiency, better milk quality, reducing feeding costs, improving fertility, reducing lameness, lowering SCC levels, improved cow comfort, or to simplify the current system to reduce labour and or machinery costs.

Our range of services include..                                                  

  • Dairy Performance Review
  • Interherd Analyisis
  • Ration Formulation
  • Milk Production Forecasting
  • Kingsay Dairy Manager Costings
  • Forage Analysis
  • Soil Analysis
  • Forage Mineral Analysis
  • DHHPS Blood Profiling

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