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 Harvesting Maize & Applying Double Action Ecocorn

Ecosyl Double Action Ecocorn

Available for delivery throughout the UK through our DCS group sourcing please contact us for price.

DoubleAction ECOCORN is a mixture of MTD⁄1 and potassium sorbate for treatment of wholecrop and maize silages

  • For treatment of wholecrop and maize silages
  • Applies one hundred thousand bacteria per gram forage
  • Available for liquid or dry application
  • One can or bag treats 50 tonnes
  • Cans – add 1 can to 100 litres of water and apply at 2 litres⁄t
  • Tank mix life 2 days at ambient temperature
  • Bags – apply at 400 grams⁄t
  • Unopened can⁄bag shelf life is 30 months in a cool dry place
  • GMO free and suitable for organic use (restricted)

The high DM, high sugar & starch content and low buffering capacity of maize and cereals means they will normally undergo an adequate fermentation without additive, but Lactobacillus plantarum MTD⁄1 in DoubleAction ECOCORN can still bring about significant benefits in speed and efficiency of fermentation, reducing losses and improving palatability and animal performance.

The biggest problem with maize and cereals is their susceptibility to aerobic spoilage. Potassium sorbate is a safe, non-corrosive, food and feed-approved preservative that reduces the activity of the yeasts and moulds that cause spoilage, resulting in reduced losses and higher quality, more palatable silage.

Our clients have achieved excellent results with Double Action Ecocorn with little or no waste and consistently good animal performance.

We recomend using the new clear "cling film" silage sheets to cover maize followed by traditional black plastic sheets and then wieghted with Secure Covers and gravel bags around the edge and across any joins.

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